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Where is your mother? Find your way through the darkness.

This is the final project from the Fall 2019 Game Simulation class from Northwest Vista College.

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Very good! Very spooky! I loved it! I'd love to see more in the future from you. 

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This is a link to my Video! Click on the pic to watch the vid!

This is a good college project. I'm not sure if I want to find my mom after she crashes the car because there are these spirits wandering around. And when I find her... she seems different. I died on level 2 and the game starts over. It would be nice if there's a save feature!



This is a really dope game the scares were really on point and the world feels extremely nightmarish. The AI of the monsters is kinda bad and I wish there was some sort of hit detection when you have a successful hit on the monolith creatures but overall I had a ton of fun with it. my full play through here: